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march2016March 2016: Tips, eNews, and More!

Can you believe March break is just around the corner?

While you may not get to enjoy a week off, your children do. What better time to

schedule a dental cleaning? This is a busy time of year for children’s check-ups

so plan ahead and schedule an appointment today!


March is also National Nutrition Month

The theme for 2016 is “Make Small Changes – One Meal at a Time”. Diets and workout routines are often abandoned because people expect changes to happen overnight. Don’t make the mistake of setting the bar too high. Plan for small improvements each step of the way so you can move towards your personal finish line.

Proper nutrition is integral to overall health and vitality. The foods you choose affect your oral health from the moment you put them in your mouth. Visit www.dietitians.ca to learn more about National Nutrition Month and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Wishing you a year filled with smiles,

Dr. Ellen Dayan and Team

Congratulations Dr. Berbrayer!


Guess who just got engaged? We want to extend our warm congratulations to Dr. Berbrayer and her fiance Hartley! We wish them many years of happiness together.

What Are Dental Implants?

couple200Think of a missing tooth as a space where a tooth used to be. Above and beyond aesthetics, that tooth’s purpose included acting as a chewing surface, holding its place with regards to adjacent teeth, maintaining the bone structure where it was rooted along with many other structural and preventative roles. Without that tooth in place surrounding teeth can shift causing gaps and making decay more likely, bone loss and damage can occur, the area can become more apt to periodontal disease and the list goes on.

To avoid bone loss, maintain the proper spacing of your teeth and avoid the maladies associated with a missing tooth, an implant may be required. An implant will take the place or more appropriately fill the space that your missing tooth once held.

Click here to learn about dental implants

Chicken Asparagus Penne

With National Food Month’s theme in mind – making small changes one meal at a time – here is a delicious and nutritious pasta dish to get you started.

While you may be tempted to substitute the “sprinkled parmesan” with a more traditional Alfredo sauce, consider this your first small change and small step towards a healthier you.

Click here for the full recipe!

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